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The Effect of VHP® on Testing Devices & Culture Media Used in Sterility Test Isolators (Presentation) by Michelle Stafford October, 2 2001
This presentation reviewed the physical and microbiological testing performed by Millipore on Steritest canisters following their exposure to hydorgen peroxide gas. The microbiological test results on new line of agar plates containing a sterilant neutralizer were also shared with the attendess.
Performance Comparison of Biotest Sterile Gamma-Irradiated Contact Slides DE-Gamma with Non-Irradiated D/E-Agar by Juergen Horn, Ph.D. September 2002
This paper compares gamma-irradiation sterilized, modified DE Agar with standard non-irradiated D/E-Agar for recovery of organisms and capacity for neutralizing disinfecting agents. The neutralizing capacity was tested using 4 microorganisms (gram positive coccos, gram positive rod) with a wide range of disinfecting agents neutralized by D/E-Agar including aldehydes, phenol, quaternary agents, chlorine compounds, and hydrogen peroxide. The radiation-sterilized medium neutralized each disinfectant as well as the non-irradiated medium and fertility was equal or better on radiation sterilized DE Agar compared with standard D/E-Agar.




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